In this day and age, it is clear to see that technology and more specifically the social media has systematically over taken everything we do in our day to day activities. People rely more on connecting to their friends and family through any of the various social media platforms rather than actually getting together and sharing some fun times. This is no different for businesses as well, has many companies both multinationals and small ones are going all out to ensure they have a website so as to enhance their reach of their targets and customers and like any good business that has the customer in mind, they make provision for customers to contact them or better put the equivalent of customer service representatives such as FAQs, live chats and so on Buy instagram followers and likes.

At first glance,  these computerised channels lined up for customers with complaints to contact the company may seem easy to log complaints or make enquiries, but over time it has been discovered  that they are often a waste of time, has many customers go round in circle without resolving any of their problems or get answers to their problems. One old and proven-to-be-true method of communicating with customers calling customer service representatives. This means of logging complaints and making inquiries have proven to be very efficient and effective and it gives a customer a relaxed composure that comes with speaking with a fellow human and ultimately getting the result as well as making a customer happy.

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Online marketing is a viable means of creating awareness for your brand. It affords companies the opportunity to reach their target audience and even to call the attention of potential clients. A lot of people nowadays get to know about products and services from various social media networks, mostly through testimonials from people that have used the products or through celebrity endorsement. This automatically influences their buying behaviour and ultimately make them a loyal customer to that brand. Over the years research has shown that social media marketing has helped a lot of brands to sell their products and not just put them in public eye.

As much as these platforms are free to use, they have options for paid advertisement which is targeted at meeting specific marketing needs. So a brand or company looking to use these networking sites to promote their products and services must be abreast of the workings of each platform and identify which one best suit their marketing needs.

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