Online marketing is a viable means of creating awareness for your brand. It affords companies the opportunity to reach their target audience and even to call the attention of potential clients. A lot of people nowadays get to know about products and services from various social media networks, mostly through testimonials from people that have used the products or through celebrity endorsement. This automatically influences their buying behaviour and ultimately make them a loyal customer to that brand. Over the years research has shown that social media marketing has helped a lot of brands to sell their products and not just put them in public eye. As much as these platforms are free to use, they have options for paid advertisement which is targeted at meeting specific marketing needs. So a brand or company looking to use these networking sites to promote their products and services must be abreast of the workings of each platform and identify which one best suit their marketing needs.


These media platforms boost sales and revenue significantly and they help call the attention of potential and existing customers alike, to products and services which affect positively the sales of such a brand. Most companies put up posts about their wares and include their contact information for their customers to reach them. One thing worthy of more note is that you can reach your particular target audience with contents you have made just for them through specific mediums, as long as you have done your research properly. Another high point is that, this social media platforms have the database of their subscribers and what piques their interest and this can help a marketer pass across his message to the right audience. However, social media being a good means of creating awareness for a brand doesn’t justify abusing it by using all the networks. You have to have an in-depth knowledge of how each one works, which one suits your products and how best you can exploit this medium to achieve maximum profit for your brand. The following are some of the social media networks you can use for creating awareness for your brand online.


This is a popular social media platform with a very wide reach and a large number of subscribers. Has the largest networking site, Facebook poses an advantage of reaching a wide range of people with advertising contents. It has grown from a website for students to connect, to a world wide mobile application where people from all walks of life connect. With the designing of a unique advertising plan and the knowledge about the workings of this site such as : how many times to post per day and whether to post videos, pictures or text, what time of the day certain audience can be reached and what tone the message should carry, be it formal or informal, marketers succeed in promoting products via this medium.


Twitter with the restriction of 140 characters will help advertisers to coin concise message, links to company website, pictures and 60 seconds video for the audience. Twitter is also a great way to track conversation about your organization and respond in record time.

This is a more official kind of Facebook and it is mostly used to boost your company profile pop up in search engine results. Thereby putting your company at the fore front for people to interface with it.


This allows businesses to interact with professionals. A seriously minded company should have a business profile which will help professionals who need their services contact them easily. Groups can also be formed on this platform to further boost your companies image in the minds of your set audience.


Companies post creative and very attractive pictures and videos about their products, using a hashtag to promote the reach of this posts.


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